September 13, 2006

Parties still rock on the weekends

Could someone explain how come bars are so awesome on thursdays and yet they suck both on fridays and saturdays; there's no one there! actually house parties are way more of a blast: there is people, there is booze, and its cheap! I understand that bars like cactus moons are only good on wednesdays because of their themes on other nights but all the bars on 4th av or university just do not fill up and therefore the environment resembles that of a town in the middle of northern Nebraska. Hopefully we get something going in the upcoming weekends!

September 07, 2006


So now that school has started again, lets hope that the bar life gets going in a decent way. Thursdays will be your best bet, good for you if you are business since you guys have no school on fridays, still good even if you have class on fridays because you will just have to skip it. Start of your evening either at Gentle Ben's, O' Malley's or Malloney's with their beer and burger specials all for 5 bucks. Then, you can either go dance hip hop at gentle ben's on their deck and have 2 for 1's from 11 pm to 1 am; or you can go to O'Malley's to meet really hot people, have a blast dancing to the mocking birds (brit band) and enjoy of 2 for 1's all night. Especially if you go to the bar in the back the guy hooks you up on booze for a small tip, or if you get lucky, in the front bar one of the bar tender girls gets drunk and she will serve you and go away without charging so....I mean would you get mad?

September 03, 2006

Ohh Facebook

I still do not have a concrete answer as to what do I think about facebook. I hate it when you get on it for no reason and you start procrastinating however, at the same time, it is really good to keep in touch with people you don't get to see often. At the beginning of 2006 I quit facebook. I deactivated my account because I wanted to get over it. However, that is when new helpful features appeared. It was the first time that people could tag pictures online and later on people could even comment on it just like this blog. Since everyone has accessibility to it, I noticed that by not being on facebook, a person can miss out on life quite a bit. That is the problem that comes along with facebook becoming such a big part of our society. It is good to know that there are still people who are not in this online community and keep a balance. Anyway, I returned to facebook with a simple click, everything returns to the point in time where you left. Now, I use its convenient features and just try to stop myself when I waste time on it.