September 07, 2006


So now that school has started again, lets hope that the bar life gets going in a decent way. Thursdays will be your best bet, good for you if you are business since you guys have no school on fridays, still good even if you have class on fridays because you will just have to skip it. Start of your evening either at Gentle Ben's, O' Malley's or Malloney's with their beer and burger specials all for 5 bucks. Then, you can either go dance hip hop at gentle ben's on their deck and have 2 for 1's from 11 pm to 1 am; or you can go to O'Malley's to meet really hot people, have a blast dancing to the mocking birds (brit band) and enjoy of 2 for 1's all night. Especially if you go to the bar in the back the guy hooks you up on booze for a small tip, or if you get lucky, in the front bar one of the bar tender girls gets drunk and she will serve you and go away without charging so....I mean would you get mad?


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