March 21, 2006

Voyager of the Seas

Spring break plans were rather unexpected this year. Just a couple of weeks before, I had intended to stay at home, work my duty shift on thursday and do what I call "catch up on sleep and studies". However, things changed and it turned out to be that I went on a cruise on the caribbean sea. The ship was the Voyager of the Seas which weighs 180 thousand tons; it's incredible, they load 120 tons of food, there are 1,319 people just crew and then another 3,300 passengers. My preconceived idea of a cruise was of course a good relaxing vacation but nothing spectacularly splendid; opposite of what I thought, my idea was very far from reality. It was an extraordinary vacation. The service, the amenities, the people, the party, the food, the places visited among others were just out of my mind. I met many interesting people from all kinds of age groups and cultures ranging from my age to my dad's age and from Australia, including Canada and Texas, all the way to my home country of Colombia. Not to mention, the weather was gorgeous: blue skies and 90 degrees F everyday. I definitely recommend a cruise especially with Royal Caribbean International. Even though I have not been on Carnival Cruiselines, we partied in Cozumel with some girls that were on the Carnival Fascination and they were not too happy about their trip.


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