March 23, 2008

Selling the Mini Cooper S 2007

Red color with black roof, mirrors and black bonnet stripes. Extended sun roof. Sports package, 6 speed, web-spoked wheels. Sports interior, red leather, black cloth and shiny black dashboard. Ambience lights. Great sound system with CD, MP3 players and auxiliary input. Only owner, car has never been in accident/collision. Car in perfect condition. Car still covered in manufacturer's warranty 2+ years, which includes oil, breakpad changes, roadside assistance. Price is negotiable. For more information or if you want to see the car call (864) 884 1465.

October 05, 2006


Did you know that everything in the Auld Dubliner was brought straight from Ireland? Yeah, every piece of wood in the tables, the walls and the floor...the beer, of course, there is no guiness brewed in the U.S. so no comment on that. Its a cool fast fact. Anyway, this place might be a good option for you if you are lucky and are able to drink on a tuesday night because you get to keep the guiness glass. Careful, you only get to keep it if you order their tuesday night select beer, so ask about it otherwise they could rip you off!

October 03, 2006

Fall Club Crawl

alright, this is it, this weekend better rock! Fall Club Crawl will take over. Haley Jane will be singing so that will be aweomse. Some other sweet bands are all coming together this year so lots of people will come out. For more info on times of shows and prices check out Just remember make sure you remember to walk on the street....

September 13, 2006

Parties still rock on the weekends

Could someone explain how come bars are so awesome on thursdays and yet they suck both on fridays and saturdays; there's no one there! actually house parties are way more of a blast: there is people, there is booze, and its cheap! I understand that bars like cactus moons are only good on wednesdays because of their themes on other nights but all the bars on 4th av or university just do not fill up and therefore the environment resembles that of a town in the middle of northern Nebraska. Hopefully we get something going in the upcoming weekends!

September 07, 2006


So now that school has started again, lets hope that the bar life gets going in a decent way. Thursdays will be your best bet, good for you if you are business since you guys have no school on fridays, still good even if you have class on fridays because you will just have to skip it. Start of your evening either at Gentle Ben's, O' Malley's or Malloney's with their beer and burger specials all for 5 bucks. Then, you can either go dance hip hop at gentle ben's on their deck and have 2 for 1's from 11 pm to 1 am; or you can go to O'Malley's to meet really hot people, have a blast dancing to the mocking birds (brit band) and enjoy of 2 for 1's all night. Especially if you go to the bar in the back the guy hooks you up on booze for a small tip, or if you get lucky, in the front bar one of the bar tender girls gets drunk and she will serve you and go away without charging so....I mean would you get mad?

September 03, 2006

Ohh Facebook

I still do not have a concrete answer as to what do I think about facebook. I hate it when you get on it for no reason and you start procrastinating however, at the same time, it is really good to keep in touch with people you don't get to see often. At the beginning of 2006 I quit facebook. I deactivated my account because I wanted to get over it. However, that is when new helpful features appeared. It was the first time that people could tag pictures online and later on people could even comment on it just like this blog. Since everyone has accessibility to it, I noticed that by not being on facebook, a person can miss out on life quite a bit. That is the problem that comes along with facebook becoming such a big part of our society. It is good to know that there are still people who are not in this online community and keep a balance. Anyway, I returned to facebook with a simple click, everything returns to the point in time where you left. Now, I use its convenient features and just try to stop myself when I waste time on it.

April 04, 2006

The House

Finally, after 21 years living in buildings, the time has come to experience living in a house. My friends Sarah, Krista and Renato will be sharing this lovely place located one and a half blocks from campus. It is a very modern house with classic decorations; spacy and the best of all are the porch and the backyard. I am looking forward to this experience while I am a senior at the U of A. Hope you come visit.

March 21, 2006

Voyager of the Seas

Spring break plans were rather unexpected this year. Just a couple of weeks before, I had intended to stay at home, work my duty shift on thursday and do what I call "catch up on sleep and studies". However, things changed and it turned out to be that I went on a cruise on the caribbean sea. The ship was the Voyager of the Seas which weighs 180 thousand tons; it's incredible, they load 120 tons of food, there are 1,319 people just crew and then another 3,300 passengers. My preconceived idea of a cruise was of course a good relaxing vacation but nothing spectacularly splendid; opposite of what I thought, my idea was very far from reality. It was an extraordinary vacation. The service, the amenities, the people, the party, the food, the places visited among others were just out of my mind. I met many interesting people from all kinds of age groups and cultures ranging from my age to my dad's age and from Australia, including Canada and Texas, all the way to my home country of Colombia. Not to mention, the weather was gorgeous: blue skies and 90 degrees F everyday. I definitely recommend a cruise especially with Royal Caribbean International. Even though I have not been on Carnival Cruiselines, we partied in Cozumel with some girls that were on the Carnival Fascination and they were not too happy about their trip.

February 19, 2006

Bogota y Colombia: La diferencia

Interesantemente, esta semana el New York Times, diario reconocido mundialmente escribio dos articulos acerca de Bogota y Colombia. El de Bogota se enfocaba en el hecho de que Bogota es una ciudad muchisima mas segura de lo que comunica su reputacion. En cuestion de estadisticas esta en muy buena posicion respecto a otras ciudades capitales en latino america o inclusiva a Nueva York. El articulo sobre Colombia habla de la zona cafetera y de el buen turismo que ofrece. Muchos han leido el articulo han descubierto que lo que han creido por mucho tiempo es erroneo. Me alegra que se aprecie la belleza y esfuerzo de nuestro pais.

Para ver el articulo visiten

See that Colombia is not all drugs and violence.

February 10, 2006

Better than Book and Movies

I enjoy hearing about people’s life stories. Sharing anecdotes is perhaps one of the things I find most interesting. At this point in life, I do not share the urge that some people of my age and even younger-I am talking about 18-20 years old- have to get married and settle down. There is so much to do, so much to see, so many people to meet around the world and by getting married, all that is accomplished is closing out the opportunity to experience all of the above. There are many delightful experiences that marriage brings, and they will still be there in a few years. It is important before you get married to have a professional and economic success. Relationships, and more so marriage are nice- I do not question that-; this is why people want to share their lives with a special other, but a balance is right and timing is the key to success and happiness. As colloquial the saying is, it is true: there is a right time and place for everything. In today’s world the younger you settle down, the more probable you will end up getting divorced, especially if you did not get a chance to experience the world at its most. Having the chance to talk to someone you might have to work with in a class or even someone you might encounter out on the street is of extreme value. On one hand, you may end up building a great friendship with the person, on the other just learning from this person’s history is better than watching a movie or reading a book. I had to adjust to the environment in Coronado and some portions of the U of A in which people do not visualize this scenario. If you exchange a couple words with someone, most of the time it will be blatant and short; and just for this, you better have a good reason to talk such as needing help, paying or asking to get out of our ways. It is almost as if people freak out when you approach them. There is this mental wall, between them and your persona, which takes a lot to break through. I am not saying that everyone is like this, of course the previous statement is a generalization; however, it is one that represents a great percentage of our university’s society.

In my case, the above scenario has a more significant impact on me perhaps because I am an international student. I am away from my home country and embarked in an adventure that I hoped would grant me the possibility of meeting many new people and having a chance to hear their journeys. I have exploited this chance to a great extent, yet I feel that every year that passes, this possibility narrows down more and more. A main affecting factor is that all of my classes are at the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building. Since this building is drawn away from the mall (central part of campus) I do not run into as many people as I used do and do not get the chance to exchange words. Added to this, as a junior, and considering my case, which is that most of my friends and acquaintances are of older or equal age, everyone is reaching a level of business where they have trouble managing responsibilities and having enough time to have a relaxing talk. Part of my desire to go to Paris, is attributed to the fact that I believe that Europe offers a greater potential to rendez-vous. I have greatly enjoyed my experience at the U of A and being an RA this year granted me the possibility of calming my thirst, although Coronado has an environment in which that wall is strongly built in most residents minds. Next year will be interesting and decisive but I sure hope I get the chance to meet you.

February 09, 2006

J'ai un desir pour aller a Paris

Ever since I was able to reason on my own and I had that strong desire to travel, I had clear that one of my goals in life would be to live in as many places as I possibly could and experience the different cultures and people. Now, that I am about to reach 3/4 of my undergrad studies and I have gotten a chance to experience the plethora of variations of the culture of the United States, I feel that I am ready to move on to experience another culture. This past summer, my backpacking adventure really made me fall in love with the old continent. Lately, I have been feeling an urge to go to live to Paris. Life changes abruptly, and I like that, so you never know, but for now I know that as long as my career still has a path to follow in the French capital, I will try to get my persona over there in the next year and a half.

January 26, 2006

LBT Engineering Design

It has been a while since I last wrote, that just says how busy I have been. I have been following a working out routine if going to the gym everyday at 6 am; taking a shower at 7:30 and then going to class at 8. Classes are really interesting this semester. There is finally airfoils in the chalkboard. Parallel to the academic commitments, after being motivated by my friend Shane, and going in for two interviews, I was hired as an assistant design engineer for the Large Binocular Telescope project in the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona. I, along with the team, have to design and model parts for the telescope structure which climbs above 8 stories on the top of Mount Graham, the highest mount in the state of Arizona. I work 15 hours a week and I am learning fully what the engineering world is about. Overall, this semester is awesome and look forward to what else it will bring!

January 07, 2006

En Casa

Back at home now, things look really good. I mean, after Scottsdale, Tucson is not as nice but definitely the break opened my eyes to the beauty of the desert. The blue skies are just unbeatable. It's good seeing everyone and catching up after the past three weeks that in the end felt like a couple of days. This semester will probably go by faster than the fall which puts pressure on me on figuring out plans for the summer. However, yesterday prooved that 2006 has a great potential to be an extraordinary year!

January 03, 2006

Arizona, Another year, Another city

Well, I am back in my home state. I am in Phoenix now, I was lucky to get a flight from Newark yesterday morning. I was able to take photogtraphs, with my eyes, of Times Square for one last time and they are present in my mind. I had to fly to Phoenix because the flights to Tucson were way too full. I was going to get to Phoenix and take the shutttle to Tucson and then figure out where to stay, perhaps a park. I talked to my friend Natalie on new year's eve and mention my plans and she said "well guess what, I am picking you up and you can stay at my place". I accepted her invitation and here I am relaxing for the last couple of days in her house in Scottsdale. C'est la vie, no plans sometimes works out amazingly...don't quite get how though!
see you soon Tucson.

December 29, 2005

The City

Its been 4 phenomenal days in New York City. I miss big cities-the lights, the people, the noise, the environment, the life- after all I did grow up in an 8 million people city as well. My friend Eric and I have toured the city all over while we talk about life. We have gone to central park, the bronx zoo, the Empire State Building, groud zero, Penn Station, NYU, Little Italy, China Town, Brooklyn and many other great places. The parties have been "ooowesome" as new yorkers say. Bars in the city just give you a totally relaxed vibe where you can have converstations with people and just have a good time with the entertainment of the best bartenders around. I look forward to parhaps the best new years celebration I will have ever experienced 60 hours from now. This has been one of the best christmas different and refreshing.