January 26, 2006

LBT Engineering Design

It has been a while since I last wrote, that just says how busy I have been. I have been following a working out routine if going to the gym everyday at 6 am; taking a shower at 7:30 and then going to class at 8. Classes are really interesting this semester. There is finally airfoils in the chalkboard. Parallel to the academic commitments, after being motivated by my friend Shane, and going in for two interviews, I was hired as an assistant design engineer for the Large Binocular Telescope project in the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona. I, along with the team, have to design and model parts for the telescope structure which climbs above 8 stories on the top of Mount Graham, the highest mount in the state of Arizona. I work 15 hours a week and I am learning fully what the engineering world is about. Overall, this semester is awesome and look forward to what else it will bring!


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