December 29, 2005

The City

Its been 4 phenomenal days in New York City. I miss big cities-the lights, the people, the noise, the environment, the life- after all I did grow up in an 8 million people city as well. My friend Eric and I have toured the city all over while we talk about life. We have gone to central park, the bronx zoo, the Empire State Building, groud zero, Penn Station, NYU, Little Italy, China Town, Brooklyn and many other great places. The parties have been "ooowesome" as new yorkers say. Bars in the city just give you a totally relaxed vibe where you can have converstations with people and just have a good time with the entertainment of the best bartenders around. I look forward to parhaps the best new years celebration I will have ever experienced 60 hours from now. This has been one of the best christmas different and refreshing.


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