January 03, 2006

Arizona, Another year, Another city

Well, I am back in my home state. I am in Phoenix now, I was lucky to get a flight from Newark yesterday morning. I was able to take photogtraphs, with my eyes, of Times Square for one last time and they are present in my mind. I had to fly to Phoenix because the flights to Tucson were way too full. I was going to get to Phoenix and take the shutttle to Tucson and then figure out where to stay, perhaps a park. I talked to my friend Natalie on new year's eve and mention my plans and she said "well guess what, I am picking you up and you can stay at my place". I accepted her invitation and here I am relaxing for the last couple of days in her house in Scottsdale. C'est la vie, no plans sometimes works out amazingly...don't quite get how though!
see you soon Tucson.


Blogger Benjamin said...

Great to see you in the capital of the world. You proved to be quite, no, more than adept at life in the city. My memories are fading, so I desperately await the photographs! - Ben

1:21 PM  

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