February 09, 2006

J'ai un desir pour aller a Paris

Ever since I was able to reason on my own and I had that strong desire to travel, I had clear that one of my goals in life would be to live in as many places as I possibly could and experience the different cultures and people. Now, that I am about to reach 3/4 of my undergrad studies and I have gotten a chance to experience the plethora of variations of the culture of the United States, I feel that I am ready to move on to experience another culture. This past summer, my backpacking adventure really made me fall in love with the old continent. Lately, I have been feeling an urge to go to live to Paris. Life changes abruptly, and I like that, so you never know, but for now I know that as long as my career still has a path to follow in the French capital, I will try to get my persona over there in the next year and a half.


Anonymous Renato said...

Oye huevon, solo te queria decir que la verdad no me gusta mucho Francia, me caen medio mal los franceses lerdos, pero siendo un pais de tanto arte, se aprecia algo por ese lado.
Y ojala te decidas definitivamente sobre la vida futura que vayas a tener por esos rumbos europeos.

12:46 AM  

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